Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tonight's gonna be a good good night

Let's play catch-up!  The reason is that I've been too tired the last two days to post my pictures.  Next week, I'll have PLENTY of time to sleep in.  But unless you all want to see posed pictures of me in my jammies, you're out of luck.  The world is so unfair to those of us who need lots of sleep.

Thursday, 11-18
I love these earrings so much, even though I didn't make them.  They come almost down to my shoulders, and are so super dangly and fun.

Yesterday was my niece's birthday!  She was 5, and super excited about presents.  Her party is actually today, but I'll be working during it.  So she got her present from Auntie last night.  Have you ever seen a child shriek with excitement over a unicorn pillow pet?  I have now.  It's utterly adorable and really funny.

Friday, 11-19
I wanted to belt this dress, but I didn't want to have a belt pressing on my tummy.  So I pulled out the actual little cloth sash/belt that it came with and used that, as well as a sort of blousing effect.  (Yes, the black and the brown versions of this dress have them, too.  If something works for me, I keep on using it.)  By the end of the day it wasn't quite as chic as it had been in the morning, but it still points out that I have a waist.  And tonight?  Tonight we see the new Harry Potter!

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