Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No Conditioner for me, thanks.

Hair hidden by scarf
As usual, this post will talk about something completely unrelated to the pictures.  I didn't have time to wash and style my hair before these pictures, but my hair is precisely the subject of the post.  (Big smile.)  I have wavy hair.  Not actual curly hair, just wavy hair.  And it's picky about when it wants to be really wavy.  My hair is super thick, to the point that my loving sister calls it "obese hair".  I tend to have bushy, sort of fly-away hair, so I used to use tons of conditioner.  This past week it got sort of limp, like it sometimes does from an excess of product to calm down the frizz while bringing out the wave.  So I just used shampoo.  Twice.  No conditioner, only shampoo.  And I got out of the shower, a little worried that my hair would look like straw.  But POOF!  It looked really good.  Nice and wavy, and just a little product calmed down the frizz.  "Maybe it's a one-day thing," I thought.  But I tried it again, and again, all week in fact.  I conditioned my hair once.  The products I use most do have conditioning agents in them, so my hair is staying soft.  It's crazy.  This is just the opposite of all the recommendations for curly-haired girls (ie condition every day, don't shampoo frequently).  My hair just had to be different.  Do you have something that is odd like this about you?  Something COMPLETELY against all beauty rules that works perfectly for you?
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  1. cute outfit!! i love it. and dont you love those those easy hair days? i beg & plead with my hair on a daily basis to get it to do what i want. it never listens.
    also, i like your layout! v. chic.