Monday, November 15, 2010

Late Late Late

What do I wear when you don't see me?  Irrelevant question since you are seeing these pictures.  The above picture is what I wore last Friday, and was hastily cobbled together in the morning after I discovered that my planned outfit DID NOT WORK AT ALL.  I hate that so much, when I have it all laid out and ready, and then I put it on and the proportions are completely wacky, or something doesn't fit the way my head thought it did.  So I end up in a PEACH shirt to match my skirt, brown shoes and socks, and feel discombobulated all day.  And get lots of compliments.  Life is so strange.  On Saturday, I wore my new steampunky shirt (first worn last Sunday, 11-7).  I tried a different look this time, and I like it more, but it's not quite perfect in my head yet.  My hair's getting long enough to do a modified Veronica Lake 'do again.  I like it, but I'm never quite sure what other people think.  It does look a little different with my glasses.  Today (11-15) is my sister's birthday!!  So we're off to go shopping and eat out and have happy fun sister time.  Yay!

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