Tuesday, July 3, 2012

work is for losers

Yesterday's outfit, quickly replaced with a moving outfit.
 I didn't have to work (in my office) yesterday, because the power was off. Instead, I spent the day helping to move our old refrigerator from our kitchen and replacing it with a newer one. Since the kitchen is on the second floor, this was a long and hard task. But I do love the new one. It's all clean and fresh inside! Also, we apparently are building the world's largest collection of random homemade jams. I believe I moved 4 quintillion jars from one fridge to the other. The problem is that I didn't bring any of these jars into the house and homemade jars don't come with expiration dates! This is a problem when they're all about 3/4 empty and potentially years old. Or possibly brand new.

But today, the power is back on here at work, and the air is actually keeping it cool. Does anyone have big plans for the Fourth? Personally, I don't. Just hanging out with family and going to the local high school for fireworks.

Tank - Simply Be, Pants - White Stag, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - Self-made.

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  1. I like the flowing purple jacket in the first photo and the red necklace you're wearing in the second! I usually try to date any foodstuff that I open because I know I'll wind up in the same jam (haha) your family is in ... loads of partially used goodies, and no way to remember how long they've been around.
    And now that I've hit my lame pun quota for the day, Happy Fourth! Nothing big planned, just cleaning up the house so we have space for the stationary bike we're buying, then fireworks viewing by the beach. :)