Friday, July 20, 2012

B is for Blog

My dad takes almost all the photos for my blog. But he doesn't read it. He asked me this morning how to find it online. "What do I do? Do I go to B for blog, and then [last name]? How do I find it? Where are the blogs?" After I finished laughing like a lunatic, I explained that the internet is not, in fact, like a library's card catalog. And that I don't use my last name on my blog. So I brought it up on my parents' desktop, and labeled the bookmark "Erin's blog" so he can come see it whenever he wants. My father is...technologically unwilling. He uses a proprietary system on the computers in the courthouses where he works, and Google when he looks for stuff at home. But he has no real drive to be plugged in. He's very much a face-to-face social person. From my childhood on up till now, if he's home, we eat dinner together as a family, and we spend quite a bit of it talking. Consequently, our family is very close-knit, which is good since we're all living in the same house at the moment!

This isn't the most flattering angle of this outfit, but it is a definite Pass. The t-shirt is almost a burnout, without being sheer. It's just thin and soft, with all the lovely metal bits. It clings enough to reveal my curves, without being tight. And I'd like to know why all t-shirts can't be like that for plus-size women, instead of so many boxy thick shirts that make us look like blocks. Really, someone get a clue.

Top - Avenue, Pants - White Stag, Shoes - TOMS, Necklace - self-made.

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    I love it. Your dad sounds great. My dad is pretty much the opposite (an early adopter of most technological concepts if not the actual equipment), but sometimes I wish he'd ask me where the blogs were.