Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sun rise in the East, goes down in the West

I look very adventuresome in this outfit, don't I? This is my 6 month work anniversary. Theoretically, now that I've been in my job for 6 months, I could apply for other jobs here at the university, but seeing as how I actually like my job, I think I'll stay. My little sister's birthday is coming up next week (Tuesday!), but she's going to get her present from me tonight for various reasons (excited now, Jen?). I've been looking around Pinterest (follow me!), and pondering what DIY crafts I might make for Christmas/Holiday pressies. You know, men really ruin present making. Other than food stuffs. Why do they have to do that?

Tip: Listen to Hugh Laurie's album Let Them Talk. Because it's awesome.

Cardigan - Simply Be, Tank - thrifted, Pants - Cato Woman, Shoes - Earth Spirit, Jewelry - JewelMint.