Thursday, November 17, 2011

Orange is wrong

 Our university has a night game tonight. I'm not wearing school colors. I...have an intense hatred for orange. INTENSE. Along with teal, it is my least favorite color. Ever. Thank the Lord our colors aren't teal and orange; I would have to slit my throat. (Sorry, Gracey, Mia, Tia. Sometimes color hatred happens.) Jen did another braid on my hair this morning, but it's a little bumpy, due to my hair not being quite long enough and also being so very thick. It's pretty awesome having my own live-in beautician. I might even start sporting nail polish and properly groomed eyebrows...

Top and Pants - Simply Be, Scarf - liberated from little Mama's closet, Jewelry - self-made.


  1. My orange scarf is ticked at you for this post. You and I are still friends, but the scarf wanted me to tell you that you are dead to it.

  2. That's okay, your orange scarf is dead to me too! This pinky-peach is as close as I can come.

  3. More teal and orange for me! So nyeh. I think my orange polo shirt might have to pair up with Gracey's scarf and form a club in solidarity.

    But hey--at least you've got a kicky braid!