Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I have boots! That fit my legs!

My watch necklace is still working. And it totally works to wear my new dark brown boots with my black/red outfit. If you disagree, you can curse at your screen. I was just so excited to get them that I had to wear them!
I wear these with the shearling turned up under my pants.
I am now a Viva La Diva boot/shoe convert. THEY FIT MY CALVES. I have very large calves, and it's not just a plus size thing - so does my little (older) sister. Muscular, thick calves. (More muscles on Jen, more chunky on me.) It is like fighting a twelve-armed devil to find boots that fit.  But take a look at the boots below (another Viva La Diva find). They fit my calves with enough room to tuck a pair of regular jeans in!!

Cardigan, Shirt, Boots - Simply Be, Pants - Avenue, Short Necklace - Handmade, Watch Necklace - Amazon.


  1. Yay for boots that fit! I'm still hunting for a pair that fits my wide feet without killing my toes!

  2. Viva La Diva boots come in E, EE, and EEE!

  3. Oh man, finding boots that fit wide calves comfortably feels like such a triumph. Go forth and enjoy them, like you're obviously already doing!