Friday, January 22, 2010


So after whining about jeans in the last post, I'm wearing jeans in this one. How will you ever live with my constant wavering?! Actually, it's due to the freaking rain/ice here in the mountains. Tights can cope with the cold, but not with the wet. This is pretty much the one pair of jeans I own that fits at the moment, though, due to a enormous rip in the crotch of my other favorite pair. Several jeans are being cut up to make a jean skirt, so that is hovering in the future. And by make, I mean my mom or sister will make it for me as I lack all sewing skills. My one craftiness ability is my jewelry making.

These shoes aren't my most comfortable, but what with the iciness, I thought they would work well. And they seem very Swiss Miss, Heidi-ish to me. Although, the shoe name is Brigitte, which sounds very snooty French to me. (All apologies if your name is Brigitte.)

Speaking of snooty French girls, I threw in a couple of beret pictures for you. Since I cut my hair so short (it used to be down to midback, then my shoulders, and now my chin), I actually look pretty cute in a beret! But it has to be a big one, since I have a giant head.

Armwarmers- Sock Dreams
T-shirt - A.N.A.
Jeans- Old Navy
Belt- old belt cut off a cardigan
shoes- Earth Spirit
Jewelry- spoon ring, self-made teapot necklace
Beret- made by an aunt

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