Thursday, January 21, 2010

Loves and Hates

I think I might start sorting out my style by the kind of clothes I love (and can/do wear) as opposed to what I hate.

1. I love t-shirts, of course. Everyone loves t-shirts, even if it's a secret trashy love that they don't post on their blogs. But I think I'm starting to love embellished t-shirts more. I got these super-cute t-shirts from Target that are painted and beaded and WERE ON SALE FOR $3.74 EACH that are my new favorite t-shirts in the whole world. I also lean towards short or 3/4 length sleeves, mostly because I have short little arms and long sleeves are often too long. Plus, long sleeves can get too hot if you're working hard.

2. I love the idea of jeans, and I even love jeans themselves. What I don't love is the what that jeans look on me. I am very curvy. I've got the whole hourglass thing going on, which is great most of the time. But when your hips are significantly larger than your waist, you run into trouble with jeans. They gap at the waist, or slink down, requiring some tight cinching with a belt, and I don't like being cut in two just so I can wear jeans and not flash people my panties. And I know that some great designers are addressing this problem with specially designed "curvy" jeans, but I'm not in a position to pay more than 20 or so dollars for some damn jeans. Grrrr.

3. So...skirts! I've been resisting skirts (and dresses) because I've never felt like a girly girl. I don't feel like a tomboy, either. I just sort of feel like me. I tend to wear leggings or footless tights under my skirts because I do a lot of bending and stretching at work in the shelves at the library. I've finally come to the conclusion that I can still be kickass and all modified/steampunky while wearing skirts.

4. No, they are not blazers! I believe in layering, due to the whole short-sleeved issue. I know it seems ridiculous to want to avoid being hot and then to layer, but stay with me here. It's cold at the desk, warmer in my cubicle and varies from floor to floor in the library. As for the blazer deniability issue; blazers button in the front, hit at the waist, and are very boring and lame. Most of my jackets don't button, they are all rockin', and most hit around my hips.

5. Sock Dreams! I love with a fierce passion. Leggings, arm warmers (or severed sleeves as my brother-in-law calls them), thigh-highs, sock's a plethora of wonderfulness!

6. I hate high heels. I have wide feet, and I'm on them a good portion of the day. I like my flats (with comfortable insoles added), and you can't talk me out of them. I'm looking for a good pair of boots, but they need to have very low heels. My sister can (and does) wear all the high heels in the family, while my mom is a happy medium.

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  1. Great post. I think every blogger has a love for t shirts and jeans, even if you never see the wearing them - I'm guilty of that. I love socks and legwarmers too, its my new obession. I have always been a skirt lover. I'm a girly girl I guess.