Tuesday, November 13, 2012

EBEW Boootssss

Skirt, Cords, and Boots - Simply Be.
It's EBEW Boots! I've missed the last 7 billion Everybody, Everywear Challenges by dint of my horrible memory, and if today hadn't been boots, I would have missed this one too. But it's been cold and gross, so I've worn boots the last two days! The same pair, actually, a pair of black faux suede Viva La Diva boots from Simply Be. I've had them for 2 years, in black and brown, and they're fabulous. They're no longer in stock, but this pair (very low stock/sizes) is pretty much the same minus the fuzzy top lining and non-sueded. Yes, that is totally a word. The word on footwear from Simply Be is that boots are great, but the regular shoe sizes are cracktastic. As in, I should wear a size and a half smaller in their shoes than their boots. But they don't SELL half sizes. They do sell standard width, E and EEE, though, which is a blessing for my wide feet.

And now enjoy a poorly angled picture of me looking cranky and vaguely pregnant/potbellied today.

Sweater - Avenue, Skirt and Boots - Simply Be, Leggings - Walmart.
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  1. Those boots are cute! (Coots?) I especially like them with the second outfit--I really dig the mix of shades of black and grey. Purdy, and warm-looking! (Hey, maybe I DO think some colors look warmer than others.)

  2. Lovely boots! I bought a pair of boots last year but they hurt my feet, so I never wear them. Seems like everyone has a cute pair of boots except me! :p