Thursday, February 10, 2011

Leeetle Braids!

My hair is finally long enough to go in two little French braids! Yay for hair out of my face! So, evidently the world has decided that I am not allowed to get any cheap jeans. The ones I'm wearing now were cheap...but either I've redistributed my weight or they've stretched out, because they're fitting about a size too large. And I keep trying to buy jeans from Avenue and OneStopPlus, but either they're out of stock or they're MUCH too small, or the package comes with a note saying they're now out of stock...
No jeans for poor me. The world evidently wants me to wear leggings and ponte pants and the occasional skirt.

Top - Avenue (bought a little large so it has space to shrink up a little in the wash like the blue one did)
Jeans - Avenue

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