Thursday, February 24, 2011

FTF, babycakes!

Yay! I won a $30 credit to Fashion to Figure from Angie Go Boom on the 16th and picked out this awesome top. I checked their sizing, discovered that they didn't have ANYTHING in my size and decided to try a size down. It got to my house on the 21st (3 business days! On a giveaway!) and fit incredibly well for a clingy empire waist top. I was a little worried that it would ride up on my boobs the whole day, but nope, once I put it on and adjusted it, the top stayed just fine! That might have been because of the layering top underneath; I don't know what this silky material would do with just a bandeau top underneath. We'll see once summer comes. It fit so well that I LOST MY MIND and ordered more tops. I did have a 20% off code, but still! Craziness! I ordered these on the 21st and they came in today! Ordinary shipping ($5.95 flat rate) and it's SUPER fast. So: a smaller size collection than my beloved OneStopPlus, but the stuff do I put it...a good bit more youthful? More like Torrid (but not overly teen), but it appears to be well made. I guess this stuff is for plus-size girls in their twenties and early thirties?

Tunic -Printed V-Neck Tunic Dress
Top - White Stag
Leggings - White Stag
Jewelmint Orbit necklace


  1. Hah! We were dressed similarly. Great minds, I guess...

    And I always worry that these sort of tops might ride up, but I haven't actually ever had a problem with that. Of course, I don't have a lot up top, so that helps. ;-)

  2. TOTALLY great minds! I worry a ton about tops rearranging themselves, because I am very boob-tastic. Of course, my midget legs cause equal problems...and I just realized that I'm like the HIMYM joke about the half boob girl! At least it was a joke by NPH...