Friday, February 10, 2012


As soon as I saw this skirt I knew I had to have it. A sweater in skirt form? How fantastic is that? So I ordered it in two sizes, my usual and one smaller. But I had to send both those back and get one even smaller, a size 14, which I haven't worn since high school, people! Because my waist is apparently much smaller than all manufacturers think it should be, things often fit wonkily. I have a very hourglass figure, which would be lovely if I had the money or inclination to dress like Marilyn Monroe everyday. Evidently my body should just be block shaped since I'm plus size. HAHAHAHA. My entire body is composed of curves. I don't think I have an angle anyway on my body. Even Simply Be has a hard time getting a grasp with this concept. And it's not like I have a flat tummy. Not hardly. I've got a pooch going on. It's just that my body goes BOOM then in then BOOM. I have Latin hips, but sadly, no butt to go with them. So I end up making this skirt all Ka-POW, when on the model, the skirt is all lovely drapey. Both are equally pretty options, but I had to keep ordering down a size on the skirt until it fit my waist instead of the waistline fitting around my hips.

Top - present from my sister, Skirt - Simply Be, Shoes - Simply Be, Necklace - my shop.


  1. Great skirt! It flatters your curves. :) Also like how you paired it with a drapey pink top!

  2. Ooh, that skirt is great. And I agree that the drapey top is just perfect with it.

  3. that skirt is awesome! and I love the top with it... gray + pale pink are so lovely together. you look gorgeously va-voomey fo sho!