Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beads and hair stuff!

Happy Mardi Gras! I wore beads for you and everything! I have them knotted up underneath the cowl, because otherwise they come down to my belly button. I borrowed the necklace from my mother, and it's supposed to go around your neck twice, but that wasn't what I wanted with this neckline. So I improvised. My sister has been very jealous of my hair lately (mainly because she's growing out a pixie cut, the hardest cut to grow out), and also because I have a super new hair oil. I got a sample of Orofluido Elixir in my last Birchbox order. It's worked so well, that it's the first actual full-size product that I'm ordering from them. It makes my hair very shiny and easy to work with, and fairly non-frizzy. I can also just smooth it over my hair, comb it in fully and let it dry and the waves come on out to play! I figured this was definitely worth it, for easiness alone (since I am completely lazy).

Sweater - Roamans, Pants - Lands End, Boots - Viva La Diva.

If you want to join Birchbox. you can use my code and give me some points!

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  1. Cute cowlneck and beads! Yay for hair products for lazy folks ... :)