Thursday, December 6, 2012

Real Ladies can keep it together

Simply Be cardi , boots, and tank, Walmart leggings.
You's here!! The trailer/teaser for Star Trek Into Darkness with Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain!!!!  My mother raised me on Star Trek, both the movies and TNG, because she's a total sci-fi nut. Plus, you know how I love Sherlock, and I loved the new Trek movie. (Shut up, haters, it was awesome.)

Cumberbatch has such a lovely menacing voice. I would pay buckets to be menaced by him in person. With Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban and...okay, who is that blonde who's taking up so much trailer time looking freaked and taking away time? Alice Eve, I'm guessing from the IMDB cast list. She DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A CHARACTER LISTED.  Everyone's speculating on whether or not she'll be Carol Marcus or Elizabeth Dehner. I would just like her to not act like such a freaking weenie if she's in Starfleet, since she's in a uniform. Take some bravery lessons from Nyota, random character! Too many sci-fi women are just there to be mindless screamers. I would rather have a cast without women than one where women act like dummies.

I know they need to introduce some more ladies, since the Enterprise is such a bro-fest at the moment, but come on! Not a single glance of my beloved Chekov or Scotty? Nyota is awesome enough to pick up the lady-slack in a trailer. So, the message of the day is: learn from the Hawkeye Initiative. If a man looks dumb doing/saying it, don't have a lady do/say it.

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  1. Ahhh, my coworker and I were just flailing at each other about this! I have to hurry and see the first movie, because I've only slowly been watching TNG with Mike and I need to catch up...