Thursday, July 19, 2012

Haughty Derison

Cardigan - Avenue, Camisole - thrifted, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - Dexter.
I feel like I generally look doofy in person. Mostly quizzical, with a dash of tiredness and amusement. Some time, when I have the time (and a person to help), I'll make y'all a vlog so you can fully appreciate how excited I get over little things like peanut butter, and how much I talk with my hands. But even 554 posts (and 2 years) into blogging, I still feel awkward while being photographed. What do I with my hands? When I smile, do my cheeks get so round that you can't really see my eyes? Am I remembering to not throw my head back? Is there anything weird going on with my outfit? Is my bra showing? These are all important questions that take up a huge portion of my brain while the camera is going, so I usually just default to "blank face" or "almost happy face". The problem is that "blank face" can end up looking like "you are completely unworthy and I hate you" face. Sorry about that.

Necklace - thrifted vintage.
My cameo also has a case of haughty derision, but in her case, I think it's based on being awesomely carved out of fake hematite and having fancy hair.

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  1. Yes to peanut butter! And future vlogs! :)
    I hear you on the problems of taking photos. There is obviously some secret to being photogenic that I don't know about.