Friday, April 22, 2011

Loooooooooooooooooong Day

Good parts of the day: My big shipment came in from Avenue, including these sunglasses! (I won a $250 gift card. Expect lots of Avenue-related outfits from now on.) I now have a Kindle.

Bad parts of the day: Everything else. I've been randomly waking up at 4:50 instead of 6am. I got a backache from stress. Oh, and the stress? We sent out over 3,000 fine emails (for the first time) and this completely confused all the students at the university. Since none of them bother reading, they all assumed they were the usual overdue item notices and started calling. And calling. And whining and moaning and being horrible human beings. We had hundreds of phone calls (rather than our usual 20 or so) and hundreds in fines paid. It was altogether a super super busy day, one that I was not expecting at all.

Then it was church for the Maundy Thursday service, then home for dinner and bed. And up this morning at 4:50 instead of 6! I am not a morning person. I might start kicking small dogs and children.

Closeup of vintage pendant

Cardigan - Lane Bryant?
Top - Target
Pants - 24/7 Denim
Necklace - Vintage pendant restrung

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