Saturday, May 1, 2010


Yesterday (Friday) I was feeling schlumpy.  So I went for my loving black pants that fit like pajama pants and the white shirt I tend to pair them with.  I've been slipping different tank tops and fitted t-shirts underneath the white shirt, because it's extremely sheer.  This pink tank is one that I've had, if not forever, then certainly for almost a decade or so.  Consequently, I completely forgot to look at the tag in it and I have no idea where it came from.  My sister took my picture as I sat on the grass, like the complete lazy lump I am.
Help, the grouchy one has fallen and can't get up!
I wore one of the bracelets I made for our Etsy store that hasn't sold yet:
Buy me!
And I put a pendant on the brass chain.  It's a 9 because that's my favorite/lucky number.
I can relate almost every event in my life to the number 9.
Pants -White Stag
Shirt - Faded Glory
Shoes - Mossimo


  1. You always look so lovely in tops with detailing around the neckline.

  2. i love your top!! and the necklace is great (9 is my lucky number too!). :)