Sunday, May 2, 2010

Purse 2: Electric Boogaloo

I debuted a new purse this week!  Jen found it at a thrift store.  It's not quite as big as my other purse, but does that matter when IT'S GORGEOUS?

I've had this dress for a while.  This librarian over the glasses look?  I had it WAY before I was a librarian.
This wooden post is by my gym.  Jen is pressing for more gym time, since we'll be at the beach in a little over a month.  Bleah is what I say to exercise, but I love my sister.
Come on, think about it.  If we were supposed to exercise, would it feel so yucky?
This dress is very wide and flowy.  I HAD one of those little dress clip things, but I couldn't find it today.  So my mom produced a gorgeous pin that gathered up the excess at the back.

Dress - J. G. Hooks

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  1. that is a great bag. i LOVE the shoes and what a great idea to use a pin as a clip! :)