Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shameless self-promotion

So, I may have mentioned (a bajillion times) on here that I have an Etsy store with my sister and brother-in-law.  It's called Birnam Grove and it's where you can buy MY jewelry, my sister's various sewn objects (purses, dresses, quilts, etc.) and my bro's woodworking (hair sticks, magic wands for your munchkins, and wine bottle stoppers).  It's totally where you want to spend your money!  And here are a few pictures to show you!  (All my stuff, cause I'm selfish like that!)

Sequins, Beads and Ribbons Necklace
Ages of Woman Necklace
Bronze Address Necklace
Red (Flapper) Charm Bracelet
Green Cameo Bracelet
Blue Beaded Ring (size 9)
Silver Earrings
Brass Teardrop Earrings
Sand and Brown Botanical Earrings
Okay, Okay, Okay.  I'm not that bad.  Here's a bit of Jen and David's work.
Cupcake Purse!
Myrtle Hand-turned Wine Stopper
So come, buy lots of goodies at our store.  Compared to the rest of Etsy, we're pretty darn cheap! 
Birnam Grove!


  1. That green cameo bracelet is sooo pretty! Great work!

  2. I really like the cameo bracelet and the address necklace.

    I have a box and various 'not expensive' bead/jewelry items from a class I took at Michael's. If you're ever close or if you'd like me to, I will give them to you and can meet you or drop them off. I'm not altogether sure what's in the bag yet, I just picked it up when moving some stuff and knew what it was, but at the very least there's a box with compartments for supplies in it that I'm sure you could use. Heck, I took the class and never touched the stuff again, so I'm not going to use it! lol

  3. I would LOVE more beads! Um...this is Emily I know, right? (This is why I like pictures, because otherwise I'll ramble on and you'll end up being someone else across the country!)