Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pretty, but odd...

That's how my dad described my outfit; pretty, but odd.  At least, I think he was talking about my outfit.  Odd is a pretty good description of me, too.  And no, the sleeves on this shirt aren't long.  My arms are just very short.  I do actually have hands at the ends of those sleeves, I swear!  I didn't take a close-up shot, but I'm wearing my lucky number 9 necklace.  I can relate just about every major event in my life to the number 9 somehow.  Dad cropped off the tip-top of my head in these shots and gave me forced perspective tiny feet, but I do look pretty cute.  You know, when you take that into account...

Dress - Venezia Jeans
Shirt and leggings - Faded Glory
Shoes - KNOCK-OFF CROCS!  Take that, fancy fashion bloggers!

All together, this outfit probably cost a whopping $20, $10 of which would of been for the leggings.  Everything else was thrifted but the necklace, which I made, so the only cost there was the supplies.

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  1. Good leggings really are worth the money, aren't they? The dress is really cute. I love the pockets!