Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lady Tie

Sweater and pants - Walmart, scarf - stolen from my mom, socks - Sock Dreams, shoes - Payless.
I have my sweet little lady tie on and rainbow socks, so obviously I can take on the world today. I got back from the Punch Brothers concert late last night. (Late for me, that is.) It was so good! I had listened to their stuff on Spotify and I was feeling sort of ehhh about the concert. But the tickets were cheap, and it's always fun to go to a concert with my dad. They are definitely a band to see live. You know how some bands are always better live, and some are (sadly) better polished on their records? [Cough, poor little Taylor Swift who always seems to sound bad at every awards show.] Punch Brothers is a total live band. The guys are all complete music dorks, you can tell, and they just feed off of each other. Also, it's incredibly encouraging to see A&F type guys in the audience rocking out to progressive bluegrass unironically!

1 comment:

  1. The lady tie looks gorgeous against the neutrals! :) Listened to some of the Punch Bros., and it's good stuff. :)