Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to the Circus!

From here on out, this shall be referred to as my circus skirt. I thrifted it (brand new with the dye tag still in it!) because of the cute crinoline detail poking out. I not a particular fan of pink, even though it looks great with my pale skin, or of army green as a "cute" skirt color. But it all works in this skirt, which makes me think of a circus for some reason. My sister is very jealous that I managed to find an adult Hanna Anderson item thrifting (I didn't notice the label till I showed her!) because their adorable kids clothes last forever so it stands to reason this will too. My shirt is within a shade's inch of precisely matching the green stripe on the skirt, so I feel all matchy like a real grownup, but I managed to squash that with my legwarmers.

skirt - Hanna Anderson
top - Old Navy
shrug - Mossimo
leg warmers - Sock Dreams
shoes - Lower East Side (and very very old)
necklace - self-made
spoon ring - yeah, you know the story


  1. Ha ha! No way, it's not a circus skirt! it's just really fun with gorgeous colors and details. I think you'll get alot of mileage out of this.

  2. but I WANT it to be a circus skirt! ooh, and I can be the pretty trapeze lady! rambles on and on and on...